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ask-that-german-potato asked:

Monika you are not a doctor and I don't really think it is a good idea to pretend to be one to my best friend.





Well Bruder, if you think that is already a bad idea you shouldn’t stay to see what comes next…


WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO!!! Just….don’t do anything we can talk about this compromise.

Fein, if you insist on it then I won’t play the doctor. But if you hear him scream during the next days… then you shouldn’t come and look for him. 

fine thank you just don’t kill him

awesomepilover asked:

Once you get this you must post 5 random facts about yourself and send this to 10 of your favourite followers :D

1.) I don’t really sleep West yells at me to go to bed but we both know it is hard for me to sleep

2.) I am never ever ever ever ever going to Russia’s again even if it meant getting my country back

3.) I hate vanilla

4.) I think Italy is adorable

5.) I am still awesome

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